Sunday, 26 April 2009

Shoka shofutai

Shoka shofutai has its roots in the 18th century. The 3 main lines (Shin, Soe and Tai) are supported by secondary branches or stems (Ashirai). It expresses the elegance of natural growth. Flowers and leaves are equally important. Severe regulations dictate the creation of a part of bare stems before these follow different directions (Mizugiwa). In addition it honours light and shadow parts of flowers and leaves and it suggests one main stem from which all the branches seem to depart. Vases are less or more wide mouthed according to a severe straight-up arrangement (Shin), a broader (Gyo) or very broad arrangement (So). Many fascinating special teachings exist in this style. I consider Shoka shofutai the heart of Ikenobo.

 08 09 2012: Nishu ike with Miscanthus and Eustoma

23 06 2012: Ishu ike with peonies

23 06 2012: Sanshu ike

13 02 2012: Ishu ike with tulips: not that easy!

13 02 2012: Ishu ike with Anthurium

20 01 2012: 9 Aspidistra leaves in Matagi

07 01 2012: Ishu ike with Amaryllis

28 10 2011: Ishu ike with Liriope

05 10 2011: Mukogake (matagi) with Morning Glory -first attempt
Flower gone to Nirvana just before finishing the arrangement

01 10 2011: Futa kabu ike (Autumn workshop)

26 08 2011: Henkagata Tsuki ( first trial)

31 08 2011: Nishu ike with bamboo and Chrysanthemum

06 08 2011: Sanshu ike

October 2010: Nishu ike with Nandina domestica 
Demonstration Japan weekend at Shofukan Centre

 July 2010: Iris laevigata

Hosta marks beginning of summer

Gyo do ike

Sui Riku ike

Shoka with a Matagi (forked twig or split branch wedged in vase opening) and Tomegi (piece of stem to close off the space for arrangement) is a traditional technique and a very special challenge where patience is needed. It also gives a sense of great contentment.

04 06 2011: Shoka shofutai Ishu ike with Larkspur( Matagi and Tomegi)

09 03 2013: Shoka shofutai Tomari bune with tulips

09 03 2013: Sanshu ike

11 05 2013: First exercice of Shoka shofutai Ishu ike Nihomen
         ( can be viewed from both front and back)

11 05 2013: Shoka Betsuden (Azalea) - Chudan nagashi

08 06 2013: Ishu ike with peonies

08 06 2013: Debune

13 July 2013: Sui Riku ike with Soe-wake

13 July 2013: A pleasant yearly exercise with Hosta


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